Wellspring is a faith-based youth development organization located in Brightmoor/Old Redford neighborhood of northwest Detroit. Wellspring’s mission is: “To Assist Urban Youth in Developing Themselves Spiritually, Socially, Academically, and Economically.” Our Christian identity leads us to provide human service programming (such as our Academic & Youth Development Program) to all, regardless of religious interest or affiliation.

We also provide interested youth the opportunity to engage in spiritual and moral development through Christian discipleship (such as in our Teen Discipleship Group).

Working in close cooperation with parents and local community institutions, we strive to develop meaningful relationships with youth who will consequently be strengthened to become committed, self sufficient and responsible adults.


Wellspring was founded in 1986 by Dan & Cherie Bandrowski and Marc & Jane Averill, and was originally part of a church ministry. In 1992 it was incorporated as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. We have been operating out of a community center house in northwest Detroit since 1988. The City of Detroit re-zoned the house as a “youth tutoring and mentoring” facility. The facility was expanded in 2016 and is now three times the size of the original house. There are currently five full-time employees, five part-time, and several volunteers. Our funding comes from a broad base consisting of individuals, churches, civic organizations, foundations, government, school partnerships and program fees.


Our goals are to:

  1. Equip youth with the academic skills they need to achieve meaningful high school graduation.

  2. Instill within youth a vision of serving their community.

  3. Provide a sense of community among youth that is wholesome, fun and meaningful.

  4. Provide interested youth the opportunity to engage in moral and spiritual development.

Programs and services

We currently offer the following programs and services:

  • Academic & Youth Development Program. Kumon math and reading curriculum, recreation, field trips, college prep, community service, outdoor adventure and leadership development for youth and young adults ages 5 – 24.

  • Teen Discipleship Group. Bible study, community service and periodic social activities in a positive peer environment for ages 12-18.

  • Summer Employment Program. 6-week program for teens and young adults.

  • Community Support: Strengthening the community through a limited amount of housing rehab and rental, blight removal and individualized support to several adults.